Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mt. Etna

the rain is gone and Mt. Etna is covered in snow


Gene and I went to Paris for President's day weekend. It was one of my favorite places so far. Paris is so clean and contradictory to the stereotype, French people are very nice! Getting croissants for breakfast every morning was one of our favorite parts :) The bread in France is 100% better than the bread in Sicily - soft and warm. (The bread in Sicily is hard and cold). The Eiffel Tower was amazing and unfortunately, the very top was closed so we only made it up to the second level but it was still amazing. I think this is one place I may have to make a second trip to before we leave :)

the most gorgeous flower shops everywhere

The Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomph



the ferris wheel!

view from the ferris wheel

the Louvre

Mona Lisa


Fondue Dinner...yummy!



inside Sainte-Chapelle

the jazz player we saw in the Metro every day 

Notre Dame

a happy French Man?

on our way to dinner

it twinkles!

on the Eiffel Tower

on the 2nd story of the Eiffel Tower