Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another day in the kayak

Gene had work off for President's Day, so we took the kayak out again. It was much calmer and warmer today. We could see all the way to the bottom and little fish swimming around. This time we stopped at one of the rocks and got out of the kayak, one at a time, and walked around. We can't wait for summer!

Monday, February 21, 2011

the new kayak

Gene and I decided to buy a kayak since we live across the street  from a very flat ocean :) So we went to the sporting goods store and picked out a 2 person kayak. Unfortunately, it wouldn't fit in our very small Honda Fit and of course the Italians just said "sorry, you're going to have to buy a bigger car". After we were determined to get the thing home, I asked them if they had delivery. And what do you know? They do. I guess they would rather watch us frantic around trying to figure things out ourselves than let us know that simple detail :) So we got the kayak delivered and took it out today. It was so much fun! The ocean was a litter rougher than usual and not as sunny as yesterday, but it was amazing. We paddled over to the little island across the way (next time maybe we'll tie up the kayak and walk around) and then we went next to all the large rocks in Acitrezza. We are definitely fans of the kayak.

Acitrezza's famous rocks, the one on the left is actually a small island you can go to

the castle in Acicastello

Sunday, February 6, 2011

day with the landlord

We spent the day walking around our city with our landlord and then decided to go to an old friend of his to buy wine. This friend of our landlords is an 80 year old man who has a wine cellar that is hundreds of years old. He was the nicest old man who loved talking to American's. We bought some yummy house wine and picked tangerines from his backyard.

Mt. Etna covered in snow from the last storm

the old mans wine cellar

so old that he even has things from WWII

super old bottles

some Italian people filling up their bottles

the vineyard

our landlord (left) and the wine maker

really old key to the wine cellar

Gene and I with the wine maker

picking tangerines

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Syracuse, Sicily

Greek Amphitheare in Syracuse, Sicily

flowers are starting to bloom everywhere, Spring is coming!

Gene above the amphitheatre

Gene in the amphitheatre

enterting some caves

Roman amphitheatre next the the Greek one

Ortygia, small island off Syracuse

cute little cafe

Church built around a Greek Temple!

inside the Church, you can see parts of the Greek Temple