Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jesse and Jessica's visit to Sicily

 Jesse and Jessica finally arrived to Sicily after having technical problems in the air and having to land in Milan unexpectedly for about 7 hours :( We were excited they still made it the same day and  even Mt. Etna put on a special show for them. I am hoping I did not overwhelm them by taking them to so many different places! Sicily has so many sights and amazing views that it is hard to pack it into a weeks trip. We traveled to the west side of Sicily and took the ferry to Favignana (one of my favorite places ever) and spent the night there. We rented scooters and had a wonderful time. I showed them Aci Trezza where they enjoyed gelato and the wonderful cafes. We then went to Taormina and layed on the beautiful beach of Isola Bella. After we had enough sun we went on the ski lifts up to the town of Taormina and walked around. Taormina is a small town at the top of a cliff and has amazing views everywhere. Our next stop was Gambino winery! It happened to be an Italian Holiday (labor day) and was extremely crowded. Thankfully Francessco was very nice and gave special attention to our little group. We tasted some Etna wines and enjoyed the vegetables and cheeses prepared locally. We then headed to Siracusa for a full day of sight seeing. We went to the Greek and Roman amphitheatres, the small island of Ortigia, and to the beautiful white sand beach Fontana Biancha. It was a full day and we were exhausted by the end which meant TAKE AWAY PIZZA from a local fire oven pizzeria for dinner. Their last day in Sicily we had a BBQ with some friends and enjoyed the warm relaxing evening. We are sad to see them go, but will remember this trip forever!

riding our scooters in Favignana

Favignana is so beautiful <3

the water is still a little cold :)


all of us in Taorimina

Isola Bella

walking the streets of Taormina

at the Greek Amphitheatre in Taormina

Teatro Greco

dinner in Taormina with some local wine by Frank Cornelissen

Gambino Winery on Mt. Etna

Gambino Winery

dinner in Aci Trezza

Fredericco's in Aci Trezza, a really really good seafood restaurant

Siracusa, Greek Amphitheatre

me and Jessica

Roman Amphitheatre in Siracusa

Ortigia, Siracusa

walking the streest of Ortigia

the main Piazza in Ortigia


Fontana Bianche, Siracusa

dinner in Catania

Elephant Square, Catania

walking around in Catania


Jesse and Jessica
the girls 
last night BBQ