Sunday, July 15, 2012

family visit!

Clint, Sara, and Nick were able to come visit us this Summer! We had a very busy 2 weeks in Sicily, Rome, and Santorini. I am not sure if you would call it a vacation because after they left we were more exhausted than a regular work week. We already miss them like crazy :(

We spent the first few days showing them how we live here in Sicily. They found out how crazy the driving is and how much coffee we drink when walking around the city. Every night we went out for fish dinners that were absolutely amazing. I think that may have been the best part :) After 5 days we traveled to Rome where we realized Summer is not the best time to site see around the city. It was almost 100 degrees and after walking in the sun all day to see all the sites, we were dead. The Vatican was so crowded we could hardly move from one room to the next, but I am still glad they were able to see it.

After 2 days in Rome we traveled to paradise...Santorini! My absolute favorite place in the world so far. We spent 3 days relaxing in our villa over the Mediterranean and driving quads around the island. Santorini is the most relaxing and beautiful place I think you could go. The people were so friendly and happy to have us there. The white stone buildings with blue doors made everything look like a fairy tale...we will definitely head back there sometime soon.

dinner in Aci Trezza- first night

everyone minus Clint

grigliata mista - mixed grilled fish

the first night they arrived our town was having a festival for their saint (St. John) - San Giovanni Festa

walking around Aci Trezza to get some bread

dinner at Il Cantiniere in Catania

our meat and cheese plate :)

sisters <3

Greek Ampitheatre in Siracusa

the caves in Siracusa

Fontana Bianche beach in Siracusa - about 1 hour away

getting some sun 

a stop in Catania for some shopping

dinner at La Polena - an 8 course dinner that went until 1am!

our first appetizer

our very own fish!

and our very own chef to cut the fish for us


taking the cable car up to the town of's all the way up a cliff and very very hard to drive around. (right Natalie?)

having fun in Taormina

getting ready for our flight to Roma..only 5 hours delayed :(

just arrived to Rome and ready to tour the Colosseum

everyone realizing how big the Colosseum is in real life

going to dinner the first night in Rome and taking a quick photo opportunity at the Fontana  Di Trevi

Clint and Sara <3

yes, it was very crowded

dinner in Rome

some oyster appetizers

heading to the Metro

The Pantheon

inside the Pantheon

the group :)

The Spanish Steps

we weren't doing this for the picture...we were actually so hot we were putting that water all over our arms and face!

inside the Vatican museums

The Sistine Chapel. It was so crowded that the guards stopped asking people to not take photos or stop talking. After about 5 minutes they yelled, "ok, you all got your photos it's time to stop". 

we bought umbrellas to stay out of the sun in the line to enter the Vatican

flight to Santorini, Greece

arriving to the villa with our friend, Aris

our villa

our deck with the most amazing view! we spent a LOT of time out here

walking around for the first day

looking at some shops

beach day in Santorini

Clint relaxing before dinner

full moon in Santorini

riding our quads

riding around the island

petting the cutest one wanted to do a donkey ride so I missed that chance!

what most houses looked like

my first REAL Greek was yummy

some old windmills around the island

hanging out on the balcony

going to Red Beach

my new Greek kitty, Aris, he stayed with us every time we were on the balcony and would come inside the house too.

we drove to the other side of the island to watch the sunset in Oia, we were told it's the  most beautiful sunset in the world...I think I agree!

dinner in Oia

from beautiful sunset to beautiful moon shining over the Mediterranean 

there were always some cruise ships straight down from our balcony

back to Catania...the Norman castle

dinner in Catania and also Clint and Sara's anniversary! <3

shopping at the market in Catania

more shopping in Catania...I think they enjoyed the clothing here :)

dinner in Aci Trezza

Nick snorkeling in Aci Trezza

Clint snorkeling

me and Clint swimming off the paddle boat

Clint and Sara swimming