Monday, January 17, 2011

Palermo, Sicily

We live on the eastern side of Sicily and have been wanting to explore the western side where the capital of Sicily is, Palermo. I decided to go ahead and surprise Gene with a hotel in Palermo for one night. I drove for 2 hours where we ended up in the city of Palermo. The street we needed to take to our hotel was closed, so I drove around trying to find a way. Somehow I ended up following a car down a very tiny road that our Honda Fit could barely fit down. It was so small we had to fold our side mirrors in. This little road went straight into the middle of a street market where hundreds of people and vendors stood. They don't usually block off roads and if your car fits somewhere it is ok to drive. So I had to go about 1 mile per hour trying not to hit tables, people, and vespas. After about having a heart attack and having a ton of people touch and bump our car, we made it. WOW. So we walked the streets of Palermo the first night and saw the theatre where The Godfather was filmed. The next day we went to Mondello beach, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to! We are definitely fans of the mountains and beaches on the western side of Sicily.

inland Sicily, driving to Palermo


Teatro Massimo

Mondello beach

a dock in Mondello

crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean

Mt. Etna, still blowing smoke after its eruption a few days ago


  1. Amazing scenery! It's so green and lush right now, and that water was so clear. Love Gene's "Lindsay" pose. ;)

  2. haha you're right...he totally stole that from me :)

  3. Ha! You guys are silly! I'm so glad you're getting out and about though. Looks beautiful. You be careful driving around and no more market crashing.