Sunday, February 6, 2011

day with the landlord

We spent the day walking around our city with our landlord and then decided to go to an old friend of his to buy wine. This friend of our landlords is an 80 year old man who has a wine cellar that is hundreds of years old. He was the nicest old man who loved talking to American's. We bought some yummy house wine and picked tangerines from his backyard.

Mt. Etna covered in snow from the last storm

the old mans wine cellar

so old that he even has things from WWII

super old bottles

some Italian people filling up their bottles

the vineyard

our landlord (left) and the wine maker

really old key to the wine cellar

Gene and I with the wine maker

picking tangerines


  1. The wine maker looks like he's getting a little feeble... if he's looking for someone to take over his bid'ness, let him know I'd be happy to take over. ;-)

    Can you board Mt. Aetna?

  2. haha yes he is just a little feeble :) He has a Philipino guy helping him since he can't go in the cold cellar for his health. They were so nice though, we will take you to meet them when you come!

    Yes, we can snowboard on Mt. Etna! We are hoping to do it sometime soon, otherwise for sure next year. They have a group from the base that goes every Sat. and it only costs $25 to go, including rentals!

  3. The key to the wine cellar is so cool! The tangerines are so cute, the kids will love them. I can't wait to come and see all this in person! ♥

  4. Man, would he sell me an old bottle?

  5. I am sure I could get you one :) I could even get you a new one that looks like that!