Sunday, January 29, 2012

random stuff

Lately Gene and I have been working and staying home on weekends. First, we leave at 5:30 am and get home around 7pm so we are exhausted at night. Second, there was a strike in Sicily so we couldn't get gas for a week. The truckers, farmers, and fishermen went on strike because of fuel prices so they weren't allowing any trucks to make deliveries. There were protesters all over which made it harder to drive since they were all in the streets. All the gas stations shut down because there wasn't any fuel available. The grocery stores were starting to get very empty and milk, eggs, and produce were gone. So we got a ride home with someone who still had gas and thankfully we were able to find 2 gallons of gas to put in our car so we could get home from work the next day. Now the strike is over and we can drive wherever we want :) So yesterday we went shopping in Catania and today we went to the antique market in Catania and then to Cafe de Paris for some pastries and cappuccinos.

Cafe de Paris

spinach pastry and a cappuccino

Stripes enjoyed us being home a lot :)

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  1. Who would have thought you'd miss driving in Catania?! ;) Glad that you guys made it through the strike and now you'll know better what to do next time it happens. Looks like a fun day, wish we were there with you to enjoy it! ♥