Wednesday, September 11, 2013

15 days...

Gene and I have 15 days left of living in Sicily! We have mixed feelings, as we have come to love it here. Since I am not working right now I am trying to fit in as much beach time as I can :) I am also trying to think of the small things we love doing here and will we can soak it up these last few weeks. My friend Liz and I have been at the cafe and the beach almost every day during the week. Caffe Visconti is just down the street and has been our favorite since we got here 3 years ago. Now that we know everyone who works there, we get lots of special treats on the house. There is a lido (organized beach area) down the street also, Lido Ghenea. We have gone there for 3 Summers now. I am going to miss them calling us "Obama..Buon Giorno Obama!" So Liz and I have been going there during these last few weeks while I have not been working. Gene and I also went to the Catania market last Saturday morning to remember the crazy times we have had walking through the crowds, buying fruits and vegetables.

night swimming in Aci Trezza!

group shot

trying really hard to open my eyes in the salty salty water

Gene loving life

my babies I have been feeding for a while now

swimming at the lido - enjoying the view of the Aci's

walking around the Catania market

ordering some Dahl Puri Indian Food from a street vendor

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