Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Rome

Well Gene surprised me with plane tickets and a hotel in Rome for Christmas and my birthday...what a wonderful present! So we took a one hour plane ride to Rome and stayed for 3 nights during Christmas. We reserved a nice restaurant on the roof of a hotel for Christmas eve and had a delicious 5 course dinner. The tradition in Italy is to eat 7 fishes on Christmas eve, so that we did :) We had to do most of our touring on Christmas eve since everything is closed on Christmas day. We managed to make it to the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Forum, and the Colosseum all in one very rainy day. But the end of the day our shoes were filled with water and we were frozen solid. Christmas day we walked to the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, a Christmas market, and all over Rome. On my birthday we walked to Villa Borhese and rented an electric bike so we could tour the entire park, it was a wonderful ending to our trip to Rome.

The Vatican

Basilica at the Vatican

inside the Vatican

Sistine Chapel (not allowed to take pictures, so I was hiding it which is why it isn't a very good picture)

The Pantheon

the dome inside the Pantheon

Inside the Forum

at the Forum

The Colosseum

inside the Colosseum

Christmas Eve dinner

Fontana di Trevi

The Spanish Steps

roasting chestnuts

Villa Borghese

riding through Villa Borghese

Gene next to his dream car :)


  1. I've seen all that and written about all that in numerous papers from the safety of my computer at home or at the library. Awesome that you got to see it all in person. Sistine Chapel must have been something else to see. Those Ninja Turtles sure did a good job with all the art and architecture o'er there :-)

  2. haha, they sure did :) It was all very exciting and almost overwhelming to see everything in Rome! The Vatican is so huge that you need more than a day to check it out. Maybe when you come visit you can fly into Rome and we can spend a day there??? Definitely gotta see Rome one day.