Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the market and some scenery

We finally took the bus from base to Catania for 2 Euro each and found that it was super easy and convenient, so we will be doing that a lot more often than taking a taxi (until we get our car end of December). This was our first trip to the Catania! They have produce, fish, raw meats, dried meats, cheeses, clothes, shoes, etc. all over the streets of Catania on M-F 9-1pm and Saturday 9-4pm. It is the most amazing market I have ever been to. The meat market is a little much for me since they have pigs, horses, and other animals hanging all over..yuck. Horse is a very popular meat in Sicily, so they are even known to have horse heads hanging at the meat market. Everyone says horse is delicious, but I won't be trying it. I am not picky when it comes to food and will eat about anything, but I just think I will draw the line at horse. Everything else is extremely fresh, there are even fish flopping around, so I would love to get groceries there!

fish market (have huge whole swordfish bodies at every fish stand)

more cheese for Clint

produce market

this is how crowded it is on a week day!


old Roman ampitheatre

more views of Sicily...very pretty green hills everywhere!

part of an old castle

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  1. So glad the bus worked out for you, that sounds like the way to go! The horse thing is gross. I guess they weren't so far off in The Godfather... ew. I never saw horse in northern Italy, wonder if it's more of a Sicilian thing?

    The market looks wonderful!