Friday, March 11, 2011

family visit to Sicily

Natalie, Amelia, and Wyatt were able to make it to Sicily to visit Gene and I! We had an amazing time going all over Sicily trying to fit in as much as we could. We spent the first couple of days around Acitrezza so they could catch up on sleep and adjust to the 9 hour time change. After they felt a little better we drove over to Palermo and stayed in a bed and breakfast in Mondello. Next, we drove to Agrigento to see the Valley of the Temples which were absolutely amazing. We then drove back to our house and Siracusa while Gene flew to London for work. Natalie, the kids, and I went to Caltagirone which is famous for their ceramics and tiles. When leaving Caltagirone we followed our Tom Tom GPS directions which took us down a VERY narrow street. Unfortunately, this street was so narrow that I had to scrape the side of the car to get through :( There were garages down the street which means people have to park in these narrow streets and there was even a car parked on steps going down a street! Needless to say, Natalie got a true Italian experience. We had a ton of fun and were very very sad to see them leave ;(

they have arrived!
first night in Catania
dinner at Cafe Duomo in Catania
Natalie and I in Catania
in front of Massimo Theater Opera House in Palermo
dinner in Palermo
Amelia buying her very own dress :)
some familiar food
agriturismo in Agrigento we stayed at for 1 night
picking oranges at the agriturismo
the bear and the dragon at dinner
Agrigento, Valley of the Temples
Valley of the Temples
Acitrezza with the kids
carnivale celebration in Acitrezza
Amelia having fun throwing confetti 
view from Taormina
top of Taormina
Wyatt throwing rocks in Taormina
Amelia getting some sun
the very narrow street in Caltagirone which scratched the car :( don't always listen to TOM TOM!
the steps in Caltagirone
the always cute Wyatt
family in Acitrezza
Mr. Boy
Natalie got her first cappuccino! 


  1. Thank you so much for all you guys did you the family. Looking forward to hearing their stories in more detail. I just put Amelia to bed (1:30am our time) even though she was saying, "but it's morning in Italy!" Nat took a long shower and hit the sack right away. Wyatt drank a "bobbie" and went right to sleep. All is quiet for now.

    Great pics by the way. May need to bring my board when I come with waves like the one with the rocks in the background!

    Take care and see you soon!

  2. "Thank you so much for all you guys did FOR the family."


  3. no problem! It was super fun :) I am glad they all got to sleep after the terrible flight. See you in May!!!

  4. Oh Tom Tom! I guess it's good for the memories. :) Thanks again for showing us such a good time over there, it was wonderful! I just looked through all your pictures on snapfish, you got some really good ones.

    Miss you guys already! Hope you're feeling better.♥