Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nick is here!

Nick arrived to Italy on March 24 after a very long journey. He flew from San Diego to New York where there were "technical difficulties" which created a seven hour delay. After finally catching his flight from New York to Rome and then Rome to Catania, his luggage was went to Chicago! So we brought him home so he could rest and thankfully his luggage showed up the next day. After that, he was able to relax and we took him to Catania to go shopping for a pair of Italian sunglasses. Our next stop was beautiful Taormina to see the Greek Amphitheater, Gene and I hadn't seen it yet. The amphitheater was amazing! Nick will still be here for a little over a week, so we will be doing more posts later. 

fruit stand in Catania market

Catania fish market


Catania garden, they change the date in the bushes every day

Smoking a brisket


Nick picking out his pizza

Taormina's Greek Theater

a very lucky girl having a wedding in Taormina, Sicily


  1. Now that looks like fun too! I love markets. Good lookin sunglasses Nick.

  2. Yew! Sportin' the lady slayin' glasses...

    The second to last pic is awesome. Hope Nicky's taking pics of his own too.

    Enjoy Favignana for the rest of us peasants. I Googled the pics.

    And am jealous...

  3. I saw your snapfish pics too...that Sara store looks pretty awesome :) hehe! Glad you guys are having fun!!!