Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well I have been in California for almost 2 weeks now and it feels like I never left! Poor Gene and Mr. Stripes are back in is definitely hard being away that long :( I spent the first weekend in Seal Beach with the family reuniting and then spent some time in Tehachapi and now I am in San Diego. I have literally eaten Mexican  food every day that I have been here! I have 1 week left until I go home to see my hubby :)

first night here with the family!!!!! (Natalie's photo)

aww good old Starbucks (Natalie's photo)

doing a foot bath for the kids :)

meeting up with my friend Taylor

Dad and Bo hanging out in Tehachapi

(Natalie's photo) Family buying some chickens....gotta love Tehachapi!

the new baby chicks

Nick and Clint BBQing in San Diego

Emily, me, Sara 

Nick and I at dinner 

me, Natalie, Sara at dinner

Me and Sara at Casa Guadalajara, the best Mexican food ever

My burrito!!!

the group :)

family :)

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  1. All the pictures taken by me are blurry, guess I'd better work on that. haha ;) It's so fun having you here! ♥