Monday, August 29, 2011

Mt. Etna eruption and the results...

my 6am walk to find a good spot to photograph Mt. Etna erupting

the best place I could find without a car 

I came home to raining ash and a very huge mess to clean up


  1. Wow, Mt. Etna is pretty active! You guys have seen a lot of action since you've been there. I guess that's another reason to have shutters, etc. on your house, to keep the ash out! ♥

  2. This year has been one of the most active years! Hopefully that isn't a bad thing right?? But it is awesome to see.

  3. I had no idea that's what the ash looked like. Can you use a garden hose to clean it up?

  4. Yes, it is a total mess and very itchy if you are standing outside when it comes down. I swept it up and then used a hose to get what I couldn't get. Yuck!