Tuesday, September 6, 2011

random pictures

our drive up on Mt. Etna

I took this picture in someones yard who lives up on Mt. Etna. This is the ash from the latest eruptions, imagine this raining down on your house!

some grapes growing in our parking lot

prickly pear - very popular fruit in Sicily

prickly pears growing in our parking lot

kayaking in Aci Trezza


  1. Wow, that's a lot of ash everywhere, what a mess! Where is that last picture in Aci Trezza? It's a beautiful spot! Btw, we loved the video's you sent... typical! ;)

  2. Up on the mountain there is an incredible amount of ash, I don't know how they can deal with that all the time. We have been getting the smaller ash at our house all week! I have been cleaning it almost every day and it keeps getting tracked in the house! ugghh. That last picture is at the island out in the water where we snorkel but on the backside. We don't always go to the backside because if it is a little rough the caves are impossible to kayak into. That day it was like a lake out there.