Monday, October 3, 2011

Hiking on Mt. Etna - Valley Del Bove

Saturday morning we packed our backpacks and 45 minutes later we were 6,000 ft. on a volcano :) We hiked a little over a mile to Valley Del Bove which is a giant crater where lava flows. This crater has been formed from the lava over the past years and it usually always flows through this crater and over the side of the mountain during eruptions. You can take flashlights and do a night hike because there is usually a little bit of lava that flows all the time. We didn't have the energy to stay all day...maybe next time! It was such an amazing hike since we were walking on ash and lava rock the entire time and could see small lava rocks from recent eruptions sitting on top of plants. We sat back and enjoyed God's beautiful creation while eating cliff bars and pita chips.

The cutest little fox found some food...I didn't get my camera out in time but he sat there staring at us for  a while with his beautiful red eyes before he grabbed his food.

This is all part of the mountain, you can't see below it from this view. Mt. Etna is VERY LARGE.

part of the crater, it is enormous in real life

not sure why they have a "no kangaroo" sign...but I will have to remember that :)


  1. Your pictures looks so cool! You'll have to take us there! When it's not erupting, of course ;-)

  2. That looks like a really neat hike! I can kind of imagine how big that crater is since Mt. Etna is so huge. You guys look great, btw. ♥