Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ottobrata is Sicily's version of Oktoberfest. The difference? Not really a focus on beer and brats but instead on honey, mushrooms, cheese, meats, pastries, pasta, and a little home made wine. It is in the town of Zafferana which sits on the lower part of Mt. Etna and is most famous for their honey (miele). Ottobrata lasts the whole month of Ottobre (October). There is at least a mile through the town all set up with the food and vendors. We had such a good time we plan to go back!

An artist sculpting right in the street!

carving out of lava rock

all the different types of honey

Hungry? No shortage of meat.

My favorite...pistachio cannoli

Fried rice with was very similar to funnel cake and just as delicious!

My other favorite...pistachio gnocchi :)


  1. How neat! We might have to try to plan a trip in October. All the food looks amazing. That is one giant salami or whatever that is. And I'm glad to see your love of pistachio remains strong. ;)

  2. October is great, next weekend is the Pistachio festival!!! I think I may eat myself sick :o My love has definitely remained strong if not stronger..haha

  3. Wow i would be sooo fat if i lived there!