Saturday, November 3, 2012


I tried carving a pumpkin...Hello Kitty did not quite look like herself, but I tried :) We then met a wine bar owner from a wine bar on Mt. Etna that was in a book about Sicilian wines. The owner was very nice and invited us to his event this weekend where wine makers met to try different wines and socialize. We had a great time at the wine bar, Cave Ox, and stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast we found through the wine bar owner, Sandro.

I took this picture in pitch black and didn't know Stripes was there until the flash went off. 

Gene and I with Sandro, the owner of Cave Ox

Quattro Formaggi

The view from our Bed and Breakfast

The view when we woke up

the sheep roaming around our room


a very cute horse

the horse eating with the sheep

my new friend

Mt. Etna

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