Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thanksgiving in Munich, Germany

It's been a while since I have posted, so I am a little behind. Over Thanksgiving we traveled to Munich, Germany. It was beautiful and already decked out for Christmas. The people were very friendly and we fit in perfect, which was great for a change. After four days of traveling around we got on the wrong train and missed our flight back to Sicily. What a mistake! The Italian airline would not help us and said, "I would suggest you get on a computer and book new flights". So we lost out on those tickets and walked over to Air Berlin and bought new tickets to come home. In the end we spent an extra $800...but still had an amazing Thanksgiving.

I think Santa lives in Germany...

The Glockenspiel

indoor shopping which looks like an ice skating rink

The Glockenspiel

outdoor ice skating

the best pretzels

Beer steins everywhere
coo-coo clocks

some German men drinking Glue-Wein (hot wine)

a great and famous place to eat

lederhosen, I guess it's normal shopping :)

these old men are famous from coming to this restaurant every day and playing cards

I did have to try 1 beer in Germany :) 

Gene's lunch 

BMW museum and factory

on top of St. Paul's Church

view of Munich from St. Paul's Church

In a garden they have set up an area to surf!!! Professional surfers have come to try it too.

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  1. Cool pictures of the surfers. When we were there no one was surfing for some reason. Its amazing how its an endless wave. We could use one of those here in Sicily!