Saturday, February 23, 2013


We went to Barcelona over President's Day Weekend which was amazing. The architecture was spectacular and different from any we have seen. The tapas were delicious and the Sangria was how I had hoped it would taste. :)

Sagrada Familia at night

Sagrada Familia. This church began construction in 1982 and is anticipated to be done in 2026! It was opened in 2010 and is the most amazing sight to see. It was designed by famous architect, Gaudi, from Spain.

Inside the Sagrada Familia

The architecture inside is as amazing as the outside

the ceiling

Church still taking place under Sagrada Familia

View from a bridge up high on Sagrada Familia

Taking stairs back down to the bottom!

Stair case going down!

Taking a quick photo from a open spot on the way down

Outside Sagrada Familia

Park Guell

Cute parrot :)

A building designed by Gaudi

La Rambla is the main street in Barcelona for shopping, eating, and walking around.

A Tapas Bar

Street performer :)

Spanish Sangria...mmmmmm

An old Gothic Church we walked by, notice the gargoyles  

Tapas and Sangria!

Paella for dinner

At the Market

Gene found a shaving shop, his biggest hobby is collecting vintage shaving things :)

Spanish Churros

Architecture by Gaudi

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  1. The architecture there is crazy! Not a straight line in site. The detail that they put into everything is incredible. I wonder how many change orders the contractor has submitted on Sagrada Familia in the past 31 years? ;)