Monday, July 29, 2013


Gene and I flew to Dublin to meet Clint, Sara, and Nick. We then flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. From the airport we rented a car and drove up to The Highlands where we rented a little cottage, The Shepherds Cottage. It was a very quaint little house on Loch Assynt. Every time you looked out the window you would see the lake with rolling green hills all around. We drove to the nearest town, Lochinver, and bought a fishing rod so the guys could fish on the lake. Nick was so excited he got down to the lake and caught a German Brown before we had even hiked our way down.  After we cleaned all the ticks off, we cooked Scottish steaks, listened to music, and enjoyed our breathtaking view. We drove to Ullapool for oysters our second night. They were amazing! The best oysters we had ever had. We stopped in at a wool shop to buy some of our family clan's woolens :) The Buchanan's are from Scotland and still have a castle that we later went to visit. One day we planned to drive to Scourie to catch a ferry to the island of Handa to see Puffins. Unfortunately, the ferry was closed due to winds. I was extremely disappointed since I had been dying to see a Puffin. Maybe next time. So we decided to continue driving to the North of Scotland. We came upon the most beautiful beach in Durness. The beach had the bluest water with rolling green hills and rocks in the background. Definitely different from any beach I have ever seen. It was a decent little drive, but way worth it. We saw cute sheep at almost every turn, Highland cows, elk, and another perfect photo opportunity every 5 seconds.

After our 3 days in The Highlands we drove down to Edinburgh where we stayed in a little apartment in the city. Edinburgh was quite an extreme difference from the quiet quaint cottage in The Highlands. We went to St. Andrews to see where golf began! It was the most beautiful course, wish we could have played. We then worked our way over to The Isle of Skye. We spent about 3 hours driving around to all the different sights. My favorites were Kilt Rock and The Fairy Pools. Kilt Rock is a huge waterfall over a cliff. It is hard to capture in a picture because it is so big. The Fairy Pools are a small hike to a bunch of little pools of green water with waterfalls. Scotland was so relaxing and beautiful....I think I could live there!

Nick got to drive since the steering wheel is on the right side :)

the cutest sheep in the world

stopping for a rest

view from our cottage in The Highlands

The Shepherds Cottage

the best meat pies of Scotland

Loch Assynt

Nick got his fish ;)

Gene giving it a try

these guys were everywhere

where we had oysters in Ullapool

the best oysters

the famous red telephone booths all over Scotland's green hills

the beautiful beach in Durness


the boys

Highland cows

our front 11pm! It doesn't get dark until about 2am!

Happy Anniversary to Clint and Sara in Edinburgh

St. Andrews golf course

by the club house

Gene on the famous bridge of St. Andrews (running out before the players take their next swing)

our family castle, Buchanan Castle

Eilean Castle, stopped here for you Mom!

what is Scotland without a man walking around in a kilt??

Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye

The Fairy Pools

trying to get my picture with the cute little sheep...they were scared of me :(

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

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  1. What wonderful memories for you all to have! Each picture is amazing in itself, everything looks so beautiful there. We're so glad you all go to go together! ♥