Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ireland, July 2013

Scotland and Ireland were our last big trips before we move back to the States. They were both beautiful but so different. We flew to Dublin and spent our first night going to the pubs with Clint, Sara, and Nick. There is a pub every few steps and each one is as unique as the last. Our first day was spent at the Guinness factory and the Old Jameson Distillery. Our next stop was a condo we rented in Claire County. It was on a lake and happened to be the hottest week in Ireland in over five years! It was pretty hot walking around in pants and long sleeves in 85 degree weather. We spent 2 nights cooking dinner at the condo and relaxing on the deck. On our way to our next house we stopped in Glasgow to walk around. Gene got a shave, we bought some cooler clothes, and we had Ireland's famous fish and chips. We also went to The Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs were beautiful and very hot. I missed the Puffins in Scotland so I wanted to see the Puffins at The Cliffs of Moher. We walked almost to the end of the cliffs before we realized we had gone past the view point. Once I found the telescope I was able to see a Puffin! Unfortunately they were very far away so I could not get a picture :( Those Puffins are hard to find.

When we arrived at our next house in Westport we were pleasantly shocked! The house was beautiful! It was in the middle of green fields and every room had large windows with skylights that opened to the fresh air. I took extra pictures of the details for my future dream home :) We were so excited with the house we spent our nights in listening to Irish music and drinking Irish beer. The town of Westport was very cute and filled with great shopping and pubs. On our way back to Dublin we drove up to Northern Ireland. It happened to be some sort of holiday so there were parades everywhere. There was a very different vibe in Northern Ireland. We stopped in at a park where they have filmed some of Game of Thrones. Our last night in Dublin was spent talking about our trip and how amazing it was.

The Cliffs of Moher (out of sequence)

the pub next door to our apartment in Dublin

our apartment in Dublin

walking around Dublin

Guinness Factory

Dinner at The Old Storehouse, Dublin. Cottage pie..mmmmm

cool pub in Glasgow

Gene getting his shave
our house in Westport

A beautiful view in every room, even the bathroom!

the family <3

BBQing some ribs we got from a butcher


famous pub in Westport

Northern Ireland


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  1. This looks like another place I need to go someday! Everything looks amazing, especially in such good company. ;)