Tuesday, August 13, 2013

lava table

So a lot of Sicilians have tables and things made out of lava from Mt. Etna. We decided to get a lava table before we leave. Since we live in Aci Trezza and absolutely love it, we decided to get an Aci Trezza themed table. I am no artist but I wanted our table to be custom and what we like about Sicily. I drew a sketch and took it to Mario's Iron Works where he makes wrought iron stands. He then took my sketch to an artist in the famous town of Caltigirone to paint the lava stone. We got the table delivered tonight and are so excited with the results!

Our inspiration - Aci Trezza

My sketch for the artist
Our table!!!!


  1. Wow, I love it!! Looks almost like 3D. You are an artist after all!

  2. That is pretty neat! How fun to have something like that to remember Aci Trezza by. I love your sketch too. ;)

  3. Very impressed with your sketch. You have some design skills girl :-)