Sunday, January 6, 2013

A visit home

I did get to make a trip home to the States this year after not expecting to make it. Unfortunately, it was for unhappy circumstances. Grandma A passed away after 97 years. She was an amazing women and taught me so many things about life. I will never forget her but I will always miss her. While I was home Grandpa B also passed away which was a little more unexpected. Although he was 95, he had been doing pretty good for his age. Even passed his driving test months prior! These were sad times, but perfect times to spend with family and friends.

I love you Grandma!

I love you Grandpa!

family dinner at Casa Guadalajara in San Diego

The best parents I could ask for! <3

The Adkins girls <3

early Christmas for the kiddos

lil princess

Wyatt with his Spiderman car :)

sushi in San Diego

Me and Sara <3

Mom and Dad <3

time with the girls <3

and more time with the girls <3

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