Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years in Venice, take 2

So last year we went to Venice for New Years and had a wonderful weekend planned in a suite over looking a canal. I ended up with the flu the first morning and wasn't able to leave the room until we left. So we decided to try it again with our friends Liz and Julio. It was an amazing time and everything went awesome...until the day we left. I started to feel sick again and now I am at home with what seems like bronchitis. I think I may be allergic to Venice :( But I made it through the trip and fell in love with Venice. It is so different from Sicily and has a very unique beauty. I would go for a 3rd time if I had the time!

our little apartment

gondola ride!!

and yes, he was texting :)

the gondolier really wanted me to try on his hat after I was taking a picture of it...not sure if it's my style :)

a store just for them!

Murano glass chandalier

even the Polizia have cool boats 

the island of Murano

a large glass sculpture on the island of Murano

watching glass blowing

he is making a horse sculpture

this horse took about 40 seconds for him to make

making vases

The Rialto Bridge

San Marco Square

oh Venezia....

Liz and I getting ready for NYE

on our way to San Marco Square to celebrate New Years

San Marco Square

NYE kicking off!

the countdown

Welcome 2013!!
Stripes got a present when we got home <3

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  1. Too bad you're sick again. :( But I'm glad you got to experience Venice this time and got to go to Murano. Praying you feel better soon! ♥