Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas and a surprise Birthday dinner

I flew home from the States so I could spend Christmas with Gene since he was unable to go home with me :( I arrived at 5pm on the 24th to Catania, went straight home to shower, and then we went straight to a Christmas Eve Tacky Sweater Party....wheeeew I was tired. The following day we had some friends over for Christmas brunch and then to one of their houses for Christmas dinner. The next day Gene took me to sushi for my Birthday which turned into a surprise dinner with friends :) Definitely a busy weekend, but lots of fun.

of course my tacky sweater had to have cats on it :)

the boys....

the girls :)

me and Liz

Christmas Day...lets just say he didn't wear this for too long :)

my apron matched my baby :)

Christmas dinner at Liz and Julio's
walking into a surprise dinner...somehow I just look angry
and now I understand what's going on...haha

Gene and I on my Birthday <3

me and Jenna


Jenna Me Liz <3

Jackson, from my pre-school class came!!!

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