Friday, November 12, 2010


We finally made it to the Mediterranean. It was beautiful! Mt. Etna is a large volcano in the middle of Sicily which can be seen from virtually anywhere. Right now the mountain is covered in clouds a lot because of winter, but we finally got a picture today!

Mt. Etna is in the top left poking through clouds!


Mt. Etna


  1. Okay, so I'll probably be commenting on all your posts, but the beaches look nice! The rocks formations are really neat. Is the water warm at all this time of year? So cool you can see Mt. Etna all the time. ♥

  2. Good, post all the time!I love to hear from you :) They have some sandy beaches and some rock beaches, the rock ones are sooo pretty! You know I didn't feel the water since Gene's friend was driving and he needed to get back, but I need to find out! Everytime Gene and I go outside we turn to see if there are clouds around Mt. Etna or not, it's so amazing to see in person. You will see it when you fly into Catania and will be shocked how big it is when you are landing near it!