Friday, November 5, 2010

getting settled

While we look for an apartment we will be staying in a Navy Lodge...sorta like staying at a Motel 6 :) We have started looking at apartments and we have found several near the beach which look great and even have 3 bedrooms, so we can have company :) We also enjoyed our first Italian meal consisting of pizza, wine, and tiramisu...what more could you ask for?
our bedroom..with 2 beds? haha

our kitchen

Pizza Margherita..mmmm

Pizza Rustica

best tiramisu ever!


  1. Mmmm. Real Sicilian pizza. Glad to see you're partaking in the local cuisine. I can't wait to join you! Mr. Stripes is pretty spoiled getting his own bed! ♥

  2. Mmm that pizza looks yummy :) So does the dessert! We sure miss you guys <3