Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today we went olive picking. We learned how the farmers get the olives off the trees by using an air pressurized rake to basically knock the olives off the tree onto a net. We then took a hike through the gorge on our way to the olive oil factory which was amazing. We got to try the olive oil right when it was made...mmm it was delicious. After that we went to an agriturismo (restaurant on the farm) for a 4 course lunch. Italians sure know how to make food and treat their guests.

Olive Farm/Bed and Breakfast

view from olive farm

olives we picked

Farmers raking the olives

quick pose :)

Gene hard at work raking the olives

trying to pick the olives by hand

our olives

picking oranges...they were good too!

gorge on the way to the olive oil factory

freshly bottled olive oil, complimentary to us

processing olive oil

restaurant for lunch


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  1. Bellissima! Olives. Scenery. Olive oil. Food. Hubby. Doesn't get much better than that!

    Like the new layout btw.♥