Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well after going to town and to the beach for the last couple of days we decided to sit in our hotel and relax :) Stripes was very excited to have us home all day and slept next to us on the bed with his little toy. We went to the Navy Commisary and bought taco stuff since we are already craving Mexican food like no other. Italian food is delicious but I must say there is no food like a carne asada burrito in San Diego!

my new Italian leather jacket :)

Stripes in his favorite "Vans" bag from months ago

Stripes on one of our favorite blankets from Jessica

Our tacos <3


  1. So glad they have some comforts of home available for you at the Commisary, the tacos look delicious! That's too funny you brought the Vans bag for Stripes. :) I like the jacket too!

  2. Nice jacket :) I ate some wholly guacamole and thought of you last night ;) <3